Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Kittens are adorable hairy stinky rats. Sage loves them even more than Io's litter box, and will lick pee, poo, and milk off of them until we yell at her to stop, Sage, EW! and then she will sneak back and try to lick them again.

They sleep through the night and love to suck down warm KMR (kitten milk replacement), will cuddle together in your lap if they are sleepy (which is a lot, apparently eating is exhausting), and will cry at the top of their little lungs for attention and/or milk. And they will cry even when they are getting both.

One very cute thing they do, is while the nipple is in their mouth and they are sucking down the milk, is to do a little upset "mewmewmewmewmew", and I have no idea why they do it but it is hilarious.

We are teaching them to go in a litter pan (otherwise known as paper plates with a small little layer). Blackie does a pretty good job so far, but OHMIGOD kitten poop is nasty. Especially when they climb over each other and smear the poop around.

They're still damn cute.


Io, pissed off that kittens have again invaded his bathroom, stands guard self-righteously.

This one is the troublemaker. He cries and roots and just stuck his head down my shirt. Eeek.

The first time I fed them at home--that's not a bottle, it's just what we had lying around. Now we have a real bottle and wow, it's amazingly better! This looks uncomfortable for the kitten!
We've gotten much better at feedings since then. They were pretty hungry!


Tiiiiiny things. They curl right up in your hand!

And now it is bedtime and the two white kittens are quietly, nicely sleeping, while blackie here yells his head off. The last two nights they have slept in my room in a big carrier; let's see how they do downstairs in the made-up shower tonight!

Anybody have ideas for names?

Update: We are going to be fostering these kittens until they are big enough to be adopted, so we will probably have them for the next month or two! Yay for kittens!


The Fredy Family said...

So I see they did not make it to the Cat House huh???

Black - "He who never shuts up"
White #1 - "Poop smearer"
White #2 - "Audrey II"

Katie said...

Ha, I like it!
If I brought them to the cat house they would have had to go home with some foster person, and since I had them I figured I'd just do it! ;) They're pretty good--right now Sage is licking them to death though (aagh).
We are pretty sure that blackie and one white are girls and the small white is a boy. We think. Maybe. ;)

Katie said...

BTW...what's "Audrey II?"

Andra Hutton said...


(so jealous!)