Friday, October 17, 2008


Tonight I had the best sushi platter I have ever had in my whole life. We went to the delicious sushi restaurant that we frequent the most, and for the first time, sat at the bar.

(Sitting at the bar is a bad idea because it really makes you want to grab the fish that are on display and run for it).

We ordered the temptation platter--seven pieces nigiri and seven pieces sashimi. Mmm we had toro, spanish mackerel (surprisingly good, since Nick wouldn't even try it because of a bad regular mackerel experience),octopus, and other salmons and tuna and red snapper. (Sorry, can't remember the names of them!) So amazing! The sushi chef gave us really big thick pieces of fish and it was sooooo tender and fresh! I've rhapsodized about it to everybody that I know so of course now I have to go tell the internet.

(I totally blame Nick for this sushi addiction. Thanks! ^_^)



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andra said...

super jealous...i haven't had sushi in forever!

Katie said...

ANNNNNNDRA! WHERE ART THOU? Do you have a blog yet? ;)