Monday, October 27, 2008

Who needs sleep?

Guess who got herself three wannabe foster kittens? A lady found them and dropped them off at work. Sooooo I decided I didn't need sleep and took them home. They're TINY! And loooove to cry!I've fed them three kajillion times and they're just finally quieting down. Two little white babies and one blackie that has the talent to make the others cry.
I'm calling the boss lady we foster for tomorrow to see what to do, will update then. They're crying. AGAIN.

Update half an hour later: Kittens are fed again, two have peed, and they are in a cozy carrier with a warm water bottle as company with a towel covering the carrier and the lights off. Let's see what happens!


The Fredy Family said...


I am going to enjoy my sleep tonight!

Sweet Dreams!

Katie said...

LOL, Aimee ;)