Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Signs; Without the Cornfields

Now that the (very controversial, possibly historic) election is looming closer and closer, people have no qualms about putting their views and opinions right up in everyone's face. I understand! I am very opinionated! Beware asking me anything social issue related (abortion, gay marriage, etcc.) and I will get all hyped over eeeevvviiilllll people trying to overturn Roe v. Wade and banning gay marriage and yaddayaddayadda. And then twenty minutes later I will apologize profusely and offer to pay for your ear reattachment surgery.


I (usually) only offer my opinion when it is asked. I do not like seeing "McCain-Palin" or "Support Barack!" stickers, and I haaaaate seeing the signs. I drive past a "McCain-Palin" sign every day on my way home, and every single time I get all mad about it. (Yes I could look the other way, but then how would I fulfill my daily quota of frustration?)

The other day we were driving Nick's parent's political-sticker-adorned car downtown, and we were flipped off, which I'm taking as meaning that some people feel the same way I do. (Not that I would flip someone off. Yet. Maybe.)

So. What happened to the good ol' days when it was scandalous to ask who you were voting for? Confidentiality and all that. Now there are children (CHILDREN) wearing political stickers and repeating what their parents believe. It obviously fires me up.

I guess, in summary, I CANNOT WAIT to see what happens in less than four weeks. (Am simultaneously hoping for and terrified of that date).

See you at the polls!

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