Monday, October 6, 2008

My New Best Friend *AKA* Battling Mutant Hair Demons

About two weeks ago I bought an epilator. The Braun Silk-Epil 5270 Series Epilator. For those of you who do not know what an epilator is: picture a shaver with lots of little metal discs that clamp onto your hairs and pull them out by rotating. OW.

I was desperate. I do not know where the heck the crazy dark leg hair gene came from, as I am Irish and English, and TO ME, that means FAIR HAIRED. But I was sick of shaving in the morning and by evening being poky. I was contemplating waxing, but the expense! I do not even know what a leg wax goes for, but armpit is like 30 and a brazilian is like 80! So I read online about epilators and decided to go for it.

I tried my calf first, with leg hair that was about 5 millimeters long. And Jeeebus, it hurt! It made a scary noise and whirred and ripped and oooooowwwww. It took me several tries but eventually all the ugly tree-trunk hairs were gone! There were still lots of invisible poky hairs that it didn't get, but I was soooo happy that the dark ones were gone I didn't care! Then the next day I did my other calf.

A week and a half later the hair was barely starting to come back (sparse hairs), so I did it again. It hurt much less and did not take very long. The little hairs leftover were shorter and still invisible, and I used Nair to make them go away. it has been another week and I just used Nair again, and there are still no dark hairs!!!

If you have light hairs or very little leg hair, you probably don't realize the fabulousness of this device. My legs look GOOD. And I do not feel bad about stabbing Nick with my crazy hairs! Because look! You can't see anything!

Armpits hurt. I tried by myself, and I think I need Nick to help me, because it hurts so much more that I touch it and then yank the epilator away. I had my pits waxed once before (stupid word: pits) and spent the next few hours with frozen peas and corn tucked up there.

Bikini line hurts. Like a bitch. I've been waxed before, and maybe it's because waxing is so much faster, but I cannot tolerate it for more than a centimeter at a time. So I invested in the new Nair pre-made waxing strips! But that's another story.

My New Best Friend--Dirty minds begone! It's a HAIR REMOVER.

Crazy scary parts! One of the heads has beads that "massage" to make it hurt less, but it still hurts and I think it doesn't get as much hair. So I stick with the other that doesn't do much. It also comes with a shaver/trimmer attachment.

Ta-daaa!!! Behold the magical device!

Probably will not post before/after pics because there is only SO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT I can take regarding mutant leg hair. Just take my word for it. Seriously.


Katie said...

I forgot to say that everyone should buy one of these! It's cheaper that a brazilian wax and will work again and again, and my god, I am sooo happy that I bought it!

Andra said...

ouchies! Is is getting better?