Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Updating! ReallyFastUpdating!

After this week is over (two weeks of HELL, ya'll--the slightest thing makes me want to break down in tears) I will finally be able to BREATHE again.

Midterms are evil, evil things. All teachers conspire together to make the students cry.

I still have no cell phone because I just don't have time to go get a new one. I am also very, very bad about checking myspace and facebook and replying to people. Sorry!

I am a very bad friend because not only do I not call people (I need all your numbers again!) I FORGET to go to the house warming party that I RSVP'd for weeks ago. First I miss her baby shower then I miss her house party. Aaaghh!

I really really need to epilate my legs again. (On the bright side--it's been like three weeks and I still don't have all the regrowth back! Woot!)

I haven't taken the time to give myself a facial or pluck my eyebrows in weeks.

My poor, poor fingernails. Ouchie.

Throughout all this craziness, I still have an unhealthy obsession with the lives of celebrities. Getting InTouch makes my hour!

I have been having really weird dreams, that are making me reconsider what I am doing with my life.

I'm playing Chanson, the last piano piece Grandma gave me, for my grandparent's memorial service, and I need to practice it and memorize it. And then remember how she taught me to introduce myself, play, and then bow. Or is it play, bow, introduce, stand-up comedy?

I sooooo hate math homework. So much. So, so much.



The Fredy Family said...

You also missed Cole's baby shower and his birthday party...... :-)

Katie said...

I KNOW!!! I am horrible!!!
Okay, anytime there is EVER anything going on I am asking everybody I know to call me before and remind me!!! :) (Drat, I'd forgotten I forgot Cole's birthday party...I was looking forward to that one too! Big grown up boy now ;) )