Monday, January 18, 2010

Time to Bust Out Those Erasers and Alarm Clocks

It's that time again! Pencils are being sharpened, filled with .5 lead, schoolbags are being organized, books are being bought ($250 so far oh god), work hours are being cut back (we hired a girl from South Africa today to work my Monday and Wednesdays), and I'm treasuring every moment of laziness I can get, because school starts tomorrow.

This will be my sixth semester of college. (Yikes!)

Every time I start a semester I get excited because it's a new chance to do AWESOME. Of course, a few weeks in I lose my enthusiasm and classes get boring, and they aren't as awesome. But right now, the potential to do awesome? is awesome.

Here's to a semester that I don't get stressed in. Instead, I want to do well, feel well, and get great grades.


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