Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

New Year's found Nick and I at our friend's house with a bajillion of our friends, drinking champagne*, listening to music, and occasionally playing Rock Band Beatles. (I don't know. Really.)
We had one of our famous Italian Night's where we made pasta, sauces, breads, etc. all from scratch. Nick made the red sauce, I made meatballs (with raisins! mmmm!) and we made brownies too.

*When I say "drinking champagne" I actually mean Nick drank champagne and I flitted around, pressing glasses on everybody who was interested, because due to my Lexapro and stomach issues alcohol and I are a bad mix. I did have three sips of Nick's champagne and ended up wobbling around on my wedges and making everybody think I was way drunk--I think it was a combination of being ridiculously tired and possibly lexapro interacting with the alcohol.

My resolutions are pretty standard:
*Exercise more (taking yoga next semester)
*Continue to eat healthy
*Freaking get over this stomach crap already
*Knock off the anxiety issues
*Take better care of my belongings (ie my car)
*Be nicer and more patient
*Attempt to recollect some of my Spanish
*Be happy!

Adios 2009, Bienvenido 2010!!!

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