Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bikini Body Challenge Update


*Applies to the only place I buy jeans: American Eagle Outfitters. Notice that I did not say that I actually bought the jeans because 1) I do not like the sausage-leg look and 2) I plan on not losing any more weight so therefore I am content with my size six jeans, which I just bought another pair of yesterday. But still, the fact that I fit the size four and could have bought them and not gotten grossed out looks? SCORE!

(I worked out today. Nick would only let me buy the size six if I started working out because otherwise he says I'll start gaining weight and the money would be wasted. Hurrah for 45 sweaty minutes!)


Anonymous said...

Hah dont act like I dont let you do things. If I didnt let you do things you wouldnt have had a hamster in the first place ;)

Katie said...

heh. hehehe. well, that is what you said! Sometimes I listen! i'm trying to listen more cuz you're usually right. :)