Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slinky Kittens and Other Furry Adventures

First, you have to get their attention, and find the missing kitten. Cordy! Riley! Oz! Buffy!

There we go! Oz is front and center, Riley is the stretching one, Buffy is curled up behind them and Cordy's ear is making an appearance.

Boo! Cordy demands attention for waking her up. She demands. . . . tummy rubs!

Cordy is a very slinky-like kitten. She gets the attention because she is so cute!

Now we have a happy kitten that wants more tummy rubs! Such a cute look of bliss on her face!

Oz wants the attention now, and would like to let you know that he thinks Riley is a very comfortable kitten to stand on.

Buffy would like to show you the orange, jingly, fluffy mouse tail she has killed just for you. She would also like to remind you that this sunbeam is hers, and any attempt to steal it will end with you just as dead as the mouse tail.

Riley would like you to kindly leave her alone so that she can jump from the chair to the counter and eat any crumbs. But if you insist on snapping pictures, she insists that you make note of her very adorable long legs.

Riley prepares to use her long legs to jump to the forbidden zone. (She is foiled by the Almighty Squirt Bottle.)

All that adventure tired them out again! Cordy curls up next to Kali, who is a little bit intimidated by the fierce sleeping kitten taking over the dog bed. Sage is even worse--she runs away when the kittens curl up next to her!

The Vampire Slayer Kittens would like to request that the paparazzi leave them alone for a bit now, but no worries, they will be up and at 'em again soon. Of course, you are welcome to stay and give tummy rubs and offer delicious wet food.

(Oz wants to give a grateful shout out to everyone who thought happy thoughts towards him, he is feeling much better now--all things are slowly getting back to normal, he is slowly putting on weight, and he even PLAYED this morning! He looks forward to being able to keep up with his sisters soon, but is going to miss his all-you-can-eat buffet of wet food.)

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