Sunday, May 10, 2009


We had a party to celebrate the end of Anatomy! We celebrated with awesome pina coladas and the movie 300, of which we ogled the graphically-enhanced abs of the Spartans and made toasts to us not anymore needing to know the name of the abs (rectus abdominus, transverse obliques, etc.) (I may know it, but I don't NEED to know it, and that makes it way different). 

I slept on the teeniest couch ever and woke up after 5 hours sleep to drive 45 minutes home before quickly showering and getting ready for work at 8am. I felt surprisingly good, and was just kind of hazy-headed. For a fun example, that early morning while driving through McDonalds (don't you judge me.) I ordered an egg McMuffin "and. . . .one of those potato. . . . things. . . . that you fry?" 

Silence over the microphone, and then she said "A hash brown." And I was too embarrassed to do more than pay and skedaddle off to work. 

But the night before was way fun! 

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