Friday, May 8, 2009

Belated Post: Snow 2007

Snow is pretty rare at our house, so when it does come here we usually have a lot of fun in it! I was looking through my pictures and found these!

Troy and I in a fierce snowball fight.  (I won, of course). 

I can't imagine why I've kept these pictures private, can you? I would love for everyone to comment on my fashion sense. (The beanie is from my uncle Scott from our cruise to Alaska, the gloves are from a garage sale, and I have no memories of that sweatshirt). (No, really, absolutely no idea where that sweatshirt came from. We collect random sweatshirts at the Symington household). 

This is our fabulous snowwoman. Snow-woman? Snow-she? Princess Snow? The next morning she was Princess Puddle. 

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