Monday, May 18, 2009

My Brain Has Been Eaten By Snot

In other words, I am still sick. Yes, I am aware that it has been FOREVER since I last posted, it is because I am too busy sopping up all the excess mucus my nose is producing, and also the task of typing was too gargantuan to deal with. I spent most of the week lying around watching Star Trek episodes, making towers of tissues, and avoiding driving (I tried once and nearly drove off the road, my head was so hazy). (Also! I somehow lost a day this week by being so boring, and almost didn't make it to work on Saturday because I SWORE that Friday was actually Thursday, when in actuality it was not. Stunning!)

Wait! This post isn't all about me! It is also about Oz, our little black and white foster kitten, who got sick around the same time as me and spent days in the veterinary hospital. He started out vomiting and we brought him in because he wasn't eating, and he stayed and then his illness turned to diarrhea. He's had subcutaneous (under the skin) fluids and now that he is home again, in addition to daily subQ fluids we are giving him fluids by mouth as well because he just isn't that interested in drinking. He's in isolation from our other kittens, and is staying upstairs in my mom's bathroom/room, where we now spend most of our time reading, cleaning up shite (which is getting slightly less liquid-like, TMI!), petting him, and making him drink and eat. Everyone think good healthy thoughts to Oz! 

My icky snot sickness (which includes lovely headaches, weakness, fatigue,  sore throat, and now coughing) has spread over to Nick! He has more of a bronchitis type sickness--a tightness around the chest, plus some awesome headaches. Yesterday in order to cheer ourselves up we had a lazy day of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes and sat in the cool jacuzzi (it was cool because it is 100 degrees out) and that was lovely! 

So basically, the moral of this (disjointed) story is to avoid snotty-headed people and wash your hands. 

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