Sunday, May 24, 2009


Absolutely adorable 10 month old boy + Spoon =Delicious!

Here is the same picture from above, but after I fiddled around with it. I think it looks better but I have zilch experience in photo stuff, so you guys will have to let me know!

What is more delicious, the spoon or the smile?

Rocky would argue that the spoon is better. I think Vicky would agree with me that Rocky is better.


AAAGGGH! It's the Rocky Monster!!! Come to squish Tokyo!

Nearly walking! Vicky holds him up ^_^

Happy boy + Happy mommy = Adorable!
(P.S. Vicky I'm sorry I cut off your eyes! I need picture-taking lessons apparently! ^_^)

These were from about a month ago, I think. Rocky is now walking and running all around! He turns one next month!

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Nick said...

haha you made the carpet look dirty with your photoshopping :P