Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seafood Birthday Dinner!

Every year for Nick's dad's birthday we go out to a delicious restaurant. This year we went to Rudy's Hideaway in Sacramento. 


We started off with escargot and some crab-stuffed mushrooms. Oh, and of course our bread. Then our soup's arrived: a lobster bisque for me and clam chowder for Nick. Mine was mildly spicy and full of lobster, soooo good! Nick's clam chowder was amazing as well. Then there was the noodle course: a delicious red/cinnamon/cocoa? meat sauce spooned over hollow noodles. Then our entrees arrived: I had the lobset ravioli which had huge pieces of lobster stuffed inside with the richest cream sauce imaginable. Nick had crab-stuffed salmon, as did his mom, Clair had the children's prime rib and french fries, and his dad had a 1.5 pound lobster tail. It was all AMAZING. For dessert there was creme brulee and mudpies and chocolate mousse. 

I am so stuffed I cannot move, so stuffed I debated the relief of unbuttoning my pants at the table versus the embarrassment it would cause. 

So delicious, so yummy, thank you Nick's dad! Happy birthday! 


Lisa S. said...

Sounds most fantastic!! Wish I was there! Always wear elastic pants to big meals with a loose top!!!!

Katie said...

Ha, wearing a tent would have been a great idea! I was sooooo uncomfortable by the end! Even now I'm still FULL, three hours later. It was very delicious, we will have to go sometime! Though it is expensive, it is a ton of food for your money. Starts at 14 and goes up to 50 for the HUGE lobster tail Ron got. Mine was 20 and it was sooooo darn good! We could even share an entree. :)

Clair '-' said...

Yay katie mentend me! Lol