Friday, September 17, 2010

Going Home Again

Well, I've been moved out from my parent's house for a whole two and half weeks and already I'm back home, though it is just for a night! I came back up to visit and watch chick flicks! My poor mama is outnumbered by Dad and Troy so she can't watch girlie movies. I decided to stay and sleep in my old bed and snuggle with my cats, so that they don't crowd mom and dad like they have been. I hear that once the cats snuggle in--usually one between your feet and one by your side and one by your head--mom has an impossible time moving without disturbing kitties!

We are watching the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, set in Botswana, a TV series based on a book series. It is simply adorable.


Katie said...

Mom had a good time! I hope your wild party night with the girls was fun!
You changed my "identity" again! Now it's going to say I am you, and if I try to change it then all my typing disappears. Uggh!

Katie said...

Thanks Momma! It was fun. Andra left a little early because her mouth started to hurt, and then Anna and I left like fifteen minutes after that because there weren't enough girls and it was impossible to dance without some guy bugging us. :)