Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Some of the very best songs in my universe at this exact second are: 

"Teenage Dreams" by Katy Perry (You! Make! Me! Feel like I'm living a Teen! Age! Dream!)

"Mine" by Taylor Swift (Okay, so I adore her songs but think she can't sing worth a damn live. Am I alone?) 

"If I die young" by the Band Perry (So gorgeous, sweet, and very heartbreaking.) 

"I like it" by Enrique Iglesias (I dare you to watch this video without cracking up at his weird dance moves. Double dog dare!) 

I can't resist singing along with these songs whenever they come on. I crank up the radio until I can hear my eardrum rattling and belt it out. I wonder how many times I've gotten weird looks in the car but didn't notice. I'll bet it's more than I'm comfortable with. 

I sing a lot. (Christ. Just saw what I typed and it made me think of Hyperbole and a Half's "Alot" which is too funny to not read. Shoo. I'll wait.) 

Anyways. Where was I? Oh yes. I sing all the time. When I'm cooking, when I'm driving, when I'm sitting, in the shower, getting ready, when I'm nervous, when I'm happy. I have gotten compliments on my voice before but most of the time now it goes like this: 

A song I love pops into my head completely without reason. I stop paying attention to whatever conversation I'm having with Nick and start singing. 

Nick reaches over and without a word turns on the radio to one of his stations that is playing a song I don't know. 

I stop singing, give him a sheepish grin as an apology for interrupting, and we continue talking. 

However, if the song that pops into my head is one of the Most Awesome Songs Ever in Katie's World at This Particular Time I get to sing and he has to wait until I'm done for my undivided attention. 

Ooh! Shiny! 


Lisa S. said...

You are sooo strange.

PS. I like your new look and photos!

Nick said...

It would help if you didn't play the same 2 songs 50 times a day.