Monday, September 20, 2010

A Series of Serendipitous Events

This morning it was only a happy accident that prevented me from missing my very important phone call from the EDD; an interview that would (hopefully) reinstate my unemployment paycheck since it stopped when I started school.

I had completely forgotten about the window of time--10 to 12-- during which I was going to be called. If I missed the call I would have to reschedule which could take a long time. At a quarter to 10 I was heading out to grab my bike so I could meet Nick at the end of his class and bike home with him, and if I had I would have missed the call.

Luckily I had forgotten I had a flat tire! I headed back in, intent on walking as far as I could to meet him, and heard my phone ringing. By the time I bolted into the bedroom and grabbed my phone I thought I had missed whoever it was, but fortunately made it just in the nickel dime! When the person said they were from the EDD you could have knocked me over with a feather. I could not believe I had forgotten what I had been talking about all weekend! (That just goes to show how slow I am in the mornings.)

Even better is that my paycheck is reinstated! After finding out that I had only ever worked part-time, that my school schedule is only four hours a week, and that I was indeed looking for work--a conversation that took all of four minutes and contained no scary questions--she said there were no problems and that they would continue my unemployment! Yay!

What's so scary is how darn close I came to missing that phone call. I am so happy to have a flat tire right now--even if it means spending five bucks for a new tube. After all that I still had time to get a few hundred yards before Nick ran me over with his bike. Happy happy day!


Lisa S. said...

And yea for biking...or at least trying to:)

Katie said...

I did try! ;) Darn flat tire, making me not exercise. I guess I'll just have to sit on the couch! :)

Lisa S. said...

Or fix a flat tire :)

Gary Symington said...

Why is it good to be glad you're on unemployment??