Thursday, July 29, 2010

BBC Update

Bikini Body Challenge Update: Man, I suck at sticking with challenges.

Beginning Weight (from, like, a year ago): 152
Current Weight: 147
Goal Weight: 140

Summary: I did lose weight. And then I found it again! ^_^ When I had serious tummy troubles I dropped twenty pounds and went down to like, 135, which is too skinny for me. I'm happy at 140-145. Unfortunately (and also fortunately) my tummy troubles started to go away and I actually managed to start eating, which translated to over-eating. (Crap!)

So now, once again, it is bikini season and I am not happy with the way I look in my bikini.

Solution: Bikini Body Challenge 2010!!!

I hereby declare that I will start to exercise for at least twenty minutes a day, and eat healthy, and stop over-eating. Feel free to pester me about behaving. Feel free to join me! Let me know where you stand and where you want to be, whether or it maintaining or losing! (Or gaining a bikini booty! Be like Kim Kardashian!)

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