Monday, September 14, 2009

BBC Update

So, I reached my goal weight, which was about 9 pounds below what I was. Now I hover around 145, knowing that I should be eating less mac 'n cheese if I want it to stay down. I have no words of wisdom to bestow about losing weight--not exercise, or discipline, or yadda yadda. My weight loss was very simple.

I got gastritis.

Cutting out all spicy and acidic foods, Starbucks, desserts, and eventually a lot of dairy really has an effect on a girl. (I am now off caffeine and haven't had chocolate for. . . I can't remember my last chocolate. Maybe a week and a half ago when I had a bite of brownie?) (Literally. One. Bite.) Also gastritis causing, ya'know, upset stomachs and burny sensations and nausea kind of made me want to not eat that much.

In summary, I got my bikini body, but then I felt too sick to show it off. Go summer!

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Andra said...

So is your gastritis ever going to go away? Or are you taking a medication to fix it up? I'm so sorry!!! That's poopy :C