Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, it only took about 16 years or so. That's progress!

I finally cleaned my room. It took me 11 hours one day, a few hours the next day, and it is actually still a work in progress. (Hint: there is a reason my bed is not shown.)

My picture-mobile that Drew gave me for my 18th birthday. (Vicky, I still have photos that technically belong to you! But I will keep them by default unless you reeeeally want them back because they are majorly cute.)

This is the dresser that belonged to my grandma and grandpa--it's beautiful and very handy dandy. The top jewelery box my grandma gave me and is totally filled with my necklaces and bracelets and pendants! The middle picture is of my friend Cassie and I when she was just a few weeks pregnant with her first child. The ferris wheel of pictures was a birthday gift from Quentin. And then there's a carved knick-knack filled with zircon earrings.

This is my dresser and mirror that I've had for ages. Mom and dad bought it at an auction when I was young. The feather mask was my grandma's. On my dresser I have a carved jade jewelery box, a blown glass perfume holder, a fairy earring holder, and two coral jewelery holders. Oh, and a cat and a kitten.

This is a cross-stitched Japanese (Chinese?) woman with a little butterfly in the bottom corner. It belonged to my grandparents and was always kept in the bathroom and I've always loved it.

My bookcase corner. I gave mom the larger bookcase and took my older bookcase back (getting rid of about half of my books) and organized them to my exact specifications. On top are my bamboo hearts from Nick (^_^) and a cheap fan, and a "chop" from China from my parents.

I also organized my closet. It's awesome. I need to clean some more (does it ever end?) and then maaaybe post some more pics to show you my beautiful bed and closet. Oohlala!

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