Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rockin' Our Way Into the New Year

The Symington Family welcomes its newest member: Rock Band 2!  RB2 was given as a Christmas gift to Quentin, and we are all having so much fun with it! As I type this my mom is singing "Psycho Killer" (She's a very good vocalist) and Dad is trying out guitar for the first time, doing awesome, and Troy is rocking out on hard on the drums. 

Earlier I sang a Paramore song on Rock Band, thinking it was on medium, and it was soooo hard, and I was confused because I had done this song really well before on medium. When we finished and Quentin was laughing I realized Quentin had sneakily put it on Expert! (I got 86%). I may have thrown a pillow or two at him. 

In any case, this is the most fun I've had with my family in a while! Yay!

PS I just sang Conventional Lover which is HILARIOUS, it keeps referencing Star Trek with Deep Space Nine and Pon Farr!

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