Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 21st Birthday!

I turned 21! Yay me! It was not the most exciting twenty-first birthday ever, but I liked it fine. ^_^ We'll be doing a real party in a few weeks at a club. I spent the night at Nick's, then did homework, then watched How I Met Your Mother, listened to our contractor demolish my bathroom upstairs, ate a deeelicious chicken pot pie, and had amazing apple crumble for dessert, and now we are watching Burn Notice.
Me! I've been alive for 21 years now! (BTW, totally not sucking my stomach in here even though it looks like it. I am down 16 and a half pounds.)

Mom, Dad, Troy, and Quentin sang Happy Birthday to me in French. (Okay, Troy didn't because he doesn't know French. But neither do I! They could have been singing "Katie is a bad girl" and I wouldn't have known the difference.)

My mommy and I. Oh! Let's talk presents! Nick gave me $100 to Barnes and Noble (it might sound weird if you don't know me, but I LOVE TO READ. I can spend hours and hours in Barnes and Noble and I always want books but never want to spend my money, so it is perfect!!! Troy gave me Ghirardelli white hot cocoa (deelicious!) Mom and Dad gave me shoes and a magnifying lighted mirror for makeup, and Quentin gave me a carousel of picture frames. Thanks everybody!!! I loved all my presents!

Dad, Quentin (Thinking Man Statue), me, and Mom. Also:  No, I did not drink today. The Lexapro I'm on for anxiety isn't supposed to be mixed with alcohol so I figured I'd just call my doctor to see what he says. 

Dad, Troy, Bunny Katie, and Mom. 

Thanks everybody!!!!! I love you all!!! 

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Gary Symington said...

Happy Birthday, hon! I hope you've enjoyed (most of) your first 21 years. May the next be absolutlely fabulous!!