Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Fight!

This morning we had an epic snowball fight. 

The dogs had a great time plowing through the snow while Troy, Dad, Quentin, and I dumped snow on each other. 

Dad and Troy double-teamed me when I first came out, but the Quentin came out and we attacked them back! 

Here's Dad playing with the girls. 

Then we built snow forts in the 15 inches of snow and had another snowball fight. I'm in the pink hat, straddling our fort as I reinforced it. 

The dogs kept running through our piles of snowballs! 
Mom was official war photographer. She was also standing in the middle so we knew where we couldn't cross. The only rules were not crossing the middle, and no kicking down the other group's fort. 

Quentin says Retreat! Katie and Troy are totally winning! Gary, retreat! (He actually said it in French. And at the same time I was hollering at Troy to retreat! There's snow down my back! Agh!

Dad arming up!

Me . . . I'm not sure what I'm doing. 

Troy and Kali think that the snow is cold but fun!

Frustrated at his sister's cheating but laughing too. 

Run away! Be very afraid. Very afraid indeed. 

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