Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa

My grandparent's grave marker finally arrived! My aunt Lesley and her family and my uncle Greg and his family came up and we all shivered in the cemetery for about five minutes admiring the marker before we ran away to have lunch. Lesley made a beautiful tiny Christmas tree and we put it in the cupholder in the marker.
Top photo by my cousin Jessica!

It's really nice to (finally) have a marker for them. The picture on it is their wedding photo that my dad made look much nicer than it was originally.
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The Fredy Family said...

I love that their picture in on the marker. It makes it more than just a gravesite marker. It makes me cry. I miss my grandpa.

Katie said...

I miss mine too. I think it's great that your grandpa got to meet his great-grandkids though! How many people get to do that? (Not enough!) ^_^