Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Wake Up a French Boy

Troy and I devised an evil, evil plan this morning. See how evil Troy looks? Notice the handful of snow Troy is carrying around in his evil manner? It snowed this morning, up to 15 inches! So the boys didn't have to go to high school. Troy and I woke up early and realized the power was off and went out in the snow for a bit. Hence the snow in the hand. 

Quentin opted to sleep in. We disagreed with his choice. That handful of snow? . . . 

Ended up on Quentin's head. ^_^ Quentin then retaliated by flinging the remains of the snow at us and our entire family (we all had trooped in to watch) and we all scampered out of his room. 

He ended up sleeping another couple hours before he got up and joined us in an epic snowball fight. 
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