Monday, January 5, 2009

Yet Another Group of Camera-Happy Tourists in San Francisco

When Nick and I and his family were in San Francisco for New Year's, we went to a lot of places, and in nearly every place I took a picture of us both. A lot of them didn't turn out or looked very similar, but these are some of the ones that caught my eye!

Nick and I in front of a stretchy mirror thingy in the Aquarium by the Bay's gift shop.
If my legs were really that long I would be a model. . .

. . .or Gumby.

Yep, probably Gumby.

Nick and Clair (his younger sister, turning eight in a few days) walking along the Coit Tower.

And both of us....possibly also in the Coit Tower. I have to try for sooo many pictures with him to get a good one that I never remember where they are!

Anyway, the point is we had an amazing time!

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