Sunday, January 25, 2009


Tomorrow is my last day of working Monday nights! And last week was my last Tuesday and Wednesday night! I am now officially only working Saturdays (and Fridays, I think, when Aimee goes on maternity leave).

I was so surprised--my boss came up to me on Saturday and said "So, this is your last Monday!"
I was all: "Huzwhatta?"
And he said that they had worked out the schedule, but could I work this Monday? Even if just for a few hours. And I said of course--and then wandered off in shock, bumping into a few walls. I am happy to be off work for nights--but kind of sad, because I've worked nights for two years now. My boss said I had better get all A's! ^_^ I assured him that I am working towards A's!

I should probably stop doing this procrastination stuff then.

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