Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sudden Happiness Is Now Turning Into An UhOh Feeling...

First: YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I AM IN ANATOMY! YES!YES!YES! (happy dances all around!) YEEES! YAY! WHEE! SPIN! SPINSPINSPIN . . . and then fall down. 

Second: Ouch. Since I got Anatomy I'm now taking 16 units. (For you non college savvy peoples... 12 is considered full time college work and 18 units is the maximum allowed without special permits). 

Third: I did not get into Chemistry. Boooooo. There were 27 people trying to add an already full course that only could accept 26 TOTAL. Fifty people crowded into a room is not fun. 

Fourth: Stooopid chemistry teacher made us wanna-be-adds suffer by waiting through 1 1/2 hour lecture, taking a diagnostic test, and then 1 1/2 hours in lab before telling us "Oh, btw! I am not adding ANYBODY. Until at least next week. And maybe not even then! Mwahahahahaha!!!" And then we all killed her and were arrested and I'm writing this from a dank jail cell. 

Fifth: I'm quite tired. Waking at 6 in the morning sucks. (I see you rolling your eyes). 

Sixth: I may soon be unemployed! Like 8-10% of our population currently is! Granted, this was started by me, but I wanted to work part-part time, and now my boss thinks he may have to dangle all my hours to entice a new technician. Soooooo yep. Cool. 

Seventh: Because of #6, Nick may have to buy all of my sushi! SCORE! ^_^

Eighth: Why is it I can spell big long words but the word EIGHTH stumps me? I seriously retyped that three times before I got it right. 

Ninth: I picked up Grandma's old wedding ring--beautiful braided gold, that was missing parts and too small--from the repair jeweler's and it is beautiful and shiny once more and Mom is excited to wear it now so I'm excited for her! Yay!

Tenth: I'm typing this outside because it was a GORGEOUS day today--again! Short sleeves = happiness! And Troy just came home, and my dogs are more excited to see him than they were to see me, which bugs me, so now I need to go pick on Troy for a while. Or possibly play with the dogs so they like me better. But I'll probably just go to work! 

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