Monday, January 12, 2009


Today was the first day of my fourth semester of college! (Ponder that for a second--didn't I just start college? How the heck did it get to be FOURTH semester? That's like . . .two whole years!)

I am in psychology and nutrition, and am trying to add both anatomy and chemistry. (AIEIEIEIE)

In Anatomy this morning, there were about an even number of people in class and trying to add it. He said he would accept nine people to stay, but not get add codes, and then kick some of us out later. We drew papers out of a box and I was one of the lucky nine that got to stay!

My heart was pounding SO MUCH. I tell ya, I don't want classes until I can't get in them, and then I want them BAD. So yay, I am sort of in. But next class he will probably do a random drawing and OHGODOHGOD WHAT IF I DON'T GET IN?! AGGGHHHH!

And tomorrow I get to see if I get into chemistry, which, hooray, I HATE chemistry and don't want to want it. Bleaagh. Stupid nursing prerequisites.

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