Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today was a crazy errand day--the jeweler's , Goodwill, the adoption center, an auto store, grocery store, Target . . . and we didn't have time to go to the trade-in book store.

Very successful though--the jeweler gave us an estimate for the jewelry of grandma's, I had my diamond ring fixed (the diamond was coming loose), had my new ring verified as white gold, all of the jewelry cleaned, and decided to have grandma's original wedding ring repaired and sized and my new pearls restrung and knotted. Yay!

Something I found out today is really bugging me though. . .

Does anybody else (besides me and the woman jeweler) thing it is outrageous and ridiculous that my mom has to PAY to receive her mother's jewelry?!?


The Fredy Family said...

yes - is the government making her or the same people that are making you pay for the car?


Katie said...

SAME people! My uncle thinks it's "fair" and I think it is ridiculous! Glad you agree! ;)

Andra said...

its ridiculous, just another way for the government to get money. Its only greed.