Sunday, January 9, 2011

Move It 2011 Challenge--Week 1!

This year I joined the group "Move it 2011", where the challenge is to run/walk/bike/move 500 miles or 125 hours in 2011. 

It sounds pretty scary, considering I've spent the last three years being darn sedentary. But I used to do TaeKwonDo classes three to five times a week, and cardio twice a week. I was in damn good shape! I want that again. 

So, I joined this group, for both miles and minutes. There's no prize if you win or consequence if you don't--it's just a group of about 150 people trying to be active through 2011. Your prize is looking and feeling good. 

So! My first week is done! Let's see . . . 

Week 1 Move It 2011 Challenge! 

Miles: 6 (combo of biking and walking)

Minutes: 90 (exercising in front of the TV) 

Goals for next week: get to my little gym and use it! Go on the treadmill and start to jog! Improve my number of miles and time! 

Wish me luck!


Andra said...

wohoo! You can do it! :)

Katie said...

thanks sweetie! You're my inspiration here. You look soooo gorgeous! :)

Andra said...

AWW! Thank you! If you need a little confidence boost or a motivator just let me know :) And I deem it necessary to go dancing more often since it's such a good workout and fun.

Katie said...

Yay! Yes! :)