Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aaaaallways look on the bright side of life! (Dee dum, dee dum da dum dee dum)

I am cold.

Also, full.

With a side of whiny.

So I am taking this opportunity to complain about it.

Let it be noted I have no real reason to be so whiny. It is nearly 70 degrees in my apartment; I just had homemade chicken pot pie and fresh blueberries in cream for dessert; it has been a good day--and yet I am moping about.

I did not exercise today. I'm disappointed about that.

Instead I went to the grocery store. I received my textbooks for my classes that start soon while still in my jammies. I cleaned!

. . . totally think that the grocery store was the most important part of today. We had NO food left! I stocked up on yogurt and granola, veggies, apples, and wished desperately for tofu to go on sale. (Darn stuff is about as expensive as chicken! Hmph.) (I'm not really that cheap. We still have tofu, I just wanted it to be on sale so I could justify buying more cuz I like it.) (Note to self: find coupons for tofu.)

On the bright side, I ate really well today! One of my biggest problems in controlling my weight is that I have huge portions. Well, today I had oatmeal for breakfast, packed full of raisins (and brown sugar) and drizzled with milk, then a single bowl of miso soup for lunch (wow. I just NOW realized I forgot the wakame seaweed! No wonder it looked different! Way to be observant, Self.) And for dinner I had one serving of chicken pot pie, and then blueberries for dessert.

Now if I could just motivate myself to exercise! Gaaah. Somebody please pick me up and deposit me on the treadmill! (I almost ran today. I was dressed to go to the gym and then realized my ipod wasn't charged, YES, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.)

The days that I go to work I am invariably more motivated to exercise. There's nothing like realizing that you CAN'T go to the gym that day to make you reeeaally want to (at least until you get home and collapse--then you're fine on the couch.)

On the bright side--I am moving pretty constantly at work, so yay! Shoo, calories, shoo.

In summary? Am whiny, silly girl, who had a good day today and decided to start to blog when she was cold. Tomorrow will be a good day as well. ^_-

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Lisa S. said...

I love my optimist!

PS I wonder what your weight is now?