Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Birthday to the best Mommy in the world! 

Today was kind of busy; we drove to my parents house, drove our last foster kitten down to be adopted (like he is every weekend), went to the grocery store for mom's birthday dinner, drove to Nick's parents house and visited, drove to town again to pick up the kitten, saw a lady looking at him, chatted a minute, she decided she wanted to adopt him, stayed late to adopt my last sweet baby out, drove home, was sad a little bit about adopting him out with mom and dad and Troy, made dinner for mom (white wine sauce linguine with seared scallops, cheese roasted veggies, homemade french bread, and carrot cake), then drove past Nick's parents house to go to Troy's friend's free haunted house, screamed a lot, drove home, and sat down, whereupon I just realized I forgot to steal toilet paper from mom's house like I meant to. 

That was the longest run-on sentence ever! Go me! 

Nick was "Captain One-Eyed Willy" and I was his pirate wench. I'll post photos later. 


andra said...

hahaha! ah...I always steal toilet paper from home too. It's so expensive! And she won't miss a couple of rolls...(as I try to escape she catches me but I run faster than her :) )

Katie said...

hahaha! That sound amazing, I can just imagine your mom chasing you out while you gun your car and squeal out the driveway!

Lesley said...

The last kitty was adopted??!!

Katie said...

yes!!!!! :)

Lisa S. said...

Thanks for my delicious birthday dinner!! It was scrumpdeliischous. Too bad it took a week for the pots to get clean. And the bread maker is still waiting to be cleaned.