Sunday, October 3, 2010

Camping at Wright Beach

I spent the weekend with my parents and brother at Wright Beach, outside of Bodega Bay.

Legend has it that more than 80 years ago the largest rock was connected to land, and a family was walking out on it with their son, who sadly slipped off and drowned. In his anger and wanting to prevent another tragedy like theirs ever recurring the father blew up the connecting rocks.

Despite this beach being so deadly that you can't go in the water (and even going near it is discouraged due to sleeper waves) we had a great time! Here mom in her pj's holds Kali and Troy holds Sage (who is in her fashionable doggy sweater) while they play and tangle themselves up.

Hiking up the path to walk back to our campground, viewing the beautiful huge waves through the fog.


Happy weekend! And a welcome respite from the heat in Sacramento (over a hundred!) while we enjoyed high fifties, s'mores, and dad's homemade chili. Yummy!


Lisa S. said...

A fun time was had by all, and many books were read. Ah, the joys of camping. Too bad it wasn't sunny on Saturday except at the end of the afternoon.

Katie said...

The many books being read is one of the best parts of camping, isn't it?! :)