Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I may have caught an actual bug in addition to the weirdness of decreasing the lexapro. Here are some of the weird symptoms I've been having that may be from it: coughing (serious hacking), headaches, body-aches, skin-sensitivity/pain, and now fever and sometimes dizziness (usually if I stand too fast or, like, walk through the market.

I was babysitting last night when I discovered the fever! It was great fun. I was feeling worse, and used the baby thermometer and found a temperature of 100.6! After sitting I came home, took some Tylenol, and went off to read in bed. I'm still not great today but hopefully tomorrow will be better. 


The Fredy Family said...

Which thermometer did you use? :-)

Katie said...

The forehead one that beeps reallly quickly! I'm fairly certain it's accurate though because my temp when I got home was 100.