Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sometimes I wish my stomach was a separate entity so I could punch it in the stomach

. . . because last night and this morning my tummy was a little upset--more of an anxious upset  than a normal ate-too-much or I-don't-feel-good upset--and I don't know if it was from eating pizza for dinner or being worried or anxious or from lowering my lexapro, and I am damn tired of trying to dissect my emotions and every little twinge. 

On the brighter side, my stomach appears to be doing fine tonight, so I am okay blaming it on the pizza. (Cross your fingers.)

On the Less Lexapro! front; I will be keeping my dosage at about 6mg Lexapro daily for a little longer than I was planning just so I can make sure lowering the dosage isn't causing an upset stomach. I so hope it isn't because I want to be off these pills. 

On the Completely Random! front; I am sleeping waaaay too much and it is now annoying. I slept until noon today. I woke up at six, read for an hour, and then conked out again. Nick keeps threatening me by saying when we move in together he will make me have a decent sleep schedule. I'm kind of looking forward to that. 

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