Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sounds to Remember

Most nights our living room sounds something like this:


and, this:  [beautiful piano music] (Troy composing)

and, this: [clickityclackitytypetypetype. snort.]  (me browsing and blogging and reading)

and, this:  [page turns. silence. page turns. sigh.] (Mom reading) or [clickityclick] "Who wants to go on a sailboat? Kids? Dad? How about a cruise?" (Mom planning our next vacation. Also dreaming.) 

Welcome to the Symington's. 


Gary Symington said...

Hey! Sometimes I paint or make noise on the tom toms!

And now there's no Katie making comments in person (sniff).

Katie said...

Sniffing here too. I miss you! The noise, not so much, but the company. :)