Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair today, Gone Sunday

I got a haircut! For the first time in . . . . um . . . . way too long.

More importantly than hair, though, is that we move Sunday! Nick's room is mostly packed. Mine is not. Ack.

I have learned to stop telling people I am moving out to live with my boyfriend because a surprising number of people have opinions and don't mind sharing them. And a lot of them have a "my daughter's friend's dog catcher's mom said this" kind of vibe. Thank you very much, but I am NOT your daughter's friend's dog catcher's whomever and my experience will be different.


Lesley said...

OMG - you move on SUNDAY! Where did the month go? But who will answer the phone and talk to me when your mom is not home?
But seriously, hope the weather cools off for your move. You have air conditioning...right?
And photos. I want to see photos of your new place soon!
Love Ya!

Katie said...

Thanks Lesley--I'm doing the same thing! The OMG FOUR DAYS LEFT MUST PACK WHAT AM I FORGETTING feeling! :)

I so hope the weather cools off, it's supposed to be 106 today again, ugh! We do have AC AND we are in nearly total shade! :) I will put photos up very quickly, i'm excited for you all to see it! Hugs to everyone, love you!

Gary Symington said...


Will you come back and visit? Can I come visit YOU and leave dishes everywhere? Ha.

Andra said...

SO CUTE!! I love the hair! Looks muy bonita!

Katie said...

I will miss you :-)