Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moving Impressions

*Wow, my legs hurt.  

*There are a LOT of people on the road before eight in the morning. Hello, city!

*Car alarms.

*Lovely weather—it's sixty-two outside at nine-thirty in the morning. Yesterday while moving we had the windows and doors wide open all day, and it never got hot. And last evening Nick and I went for a walk and it was beautiful out!

*Our patio is huge. Mwahaha! We are one of three large patios in this apartment complex, very shaded, very nice.

*We have no internet. It kind of sucks. What did people used to DO without internet?

*We are so, so, super lucky. We have all the furniture we need, we were given a couch, our parents are handing out supplies and food like they're candy on Halloween, and they are very supportive.

*Being the last people to move into this complex means that the cardboard box recycling bin is FULL. Now my coat closet is filled with cardboard.

*Since we are right on the bike path, I have a feeling we are going to be walking and exercising a lot.

*I need to do the dishes.

*I need to steal some paintings from my house. Our walls are nekkid.

*Our bistro table is SO. CUTE. I lurve it.

*My mommy brought us beautiful pink roses from her garden and they smell deeelicious.

*Nick made me breakfast, an egg sandwich. Mmmmm.

*It takes less than three minutes to drive to his college from our apartment. I dropped Nick off so he could get oriented (our bikes are still at our houses and the short bike ride turns out to be a loooong walk) and it took me longer to get out of the school than it does to drive there, sweet!  

*It's a good thing I can listen to the same music over and over again since my iTunes is sadly lacking and we have no radio tuner yet.

*We are close to EVERYTHING. For a girl that's used to driving 15-45 minutes to get something, WHEEEEEEEE!

*I miss my kitties and doggies and my family, but I love the apartment. 

*I just know I've forgotten something. 


Gary Symington said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying your new digs. That's exciting stuff. Very glad the bistro table/chairs haven't collapsed, BTW.

Would you like a train painting?

Did you know there's a HUGE Utrecht (yes, I think that's the spelling) art supply store near you??? I HAVE to stop there.

Would you like a painting of a train?

Shall you and Troy meet me for lunch near campus sometime? I will buy!

Would you like a FREE painting that is of a train?

When you're internetted up, you'll be just an e mail away.

How 'bout a nice FRAMED artwork that consists of a beautiful TRAIN?

Love you,
PS=-cute note.

Lisa S. said...

Mom's impressions of your move:

Nice, quiet apartment, nice trees in your neighborhood.

Nice riverwalk/bike path and it couldn't be closer.

My goodness you have everything you need and more.It looks like you will be missing that stage of life where you have to struggle to get by. Lucky you!

It sure is quiet here. And steadily getting cleaner :-)

Miss you!

Katie said...

We are enjoying it very much! The bistro table and chairs are holding up beautifully, go dad and Troy for setting it up!!! I still think they're adorable.

YES, we would like a train painting. At least according to Nick. Perhaps we could take one of a lovely landscape and a smaller train? I don't know that our decor really screams TRAIN but I will take one because I love you.

Glad to hear the house is getting cleaner! Also glad that you guys approve of the apartment. We like it very much. So far there is the 'normal' apartment noises of some TV and some footsteps around us, but all very manageable. We like it very much!

Love you guys! Can't wait until we have internet so I can post a bunch more!!! :)