Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's New!

A series of interludes in our lives. 

1) The Symington's have Netflix! I am already making lists of movie that I want to see (or re-see, as I am a re-watcher and re-reader).

2) Oooh, a segue! I am feverishly re-reading Diana Gabaldon's addicting series of "Outlander" so that when "An Echo in the Bone" arrives soon (ordered from Amazon two days ago--released from Amazon yesterday! EEEEEEE!!!) I am up to date on the very complex happenings in the lives of Jamie and Claire Fraser in the late 1770's. 

3) I bought freshly squeezed apple juice today! An a caramel apple! Deeelicious!

4) I had a bad night last night. Needed to take pepto-bismol and four antacids before I could sleep. Felt a little nauseated. Feeling better today but still not right. 

5) I had my blood drawn yesterday for the Helicobacter pylori test (a bacteria that burrows into your stomach lining and can cause gastritis) and will have the results in a few days. 

6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a baby girl today! Charlotte Grace joins Willow and Wesley's daughter Seraphina. Yay!

7) I cried a little while reading a blog post by one of my favorite blogs. I've been getting all emotional lately! A few weeks ago, while ordering my microbiology book from Amazon, I spent like an hour trying to buy it and when I finally did I was so upset I cried on Nick. Gah! 

8) School is going well. Chemistry I just got a 92% on my first test, and I am acing the Microbiology lab tests but need to study more for the lecture tests. Music is pretty easy but I need to remind myself to actually do them online. 

9) Quentin's English is improving dramatically. He is on the high school's soccer team and we've gone to watch some of his games--they are very good! He has made friends and we hear that all of the high school girls are ga-ga for him!

10) Oz keeps growing more and more! He sticks by his people all day long. Right now he's napping about 2 feet away from me on his rocking chair. He is such a sweet boy!


Aimee Hutchison said...

OHHHHHH MYYYYYY!I have waited for this moment all my life or at least the last 6 years. DIANA GABALDON!!! Ahhh- I don't know how to contain myself. Do I reread the series for like the 5th time or do I just cheat and read the last one. But then I'm robbing myself of the the literary pleasure that it is. oh no

Aimee Hutchison said...

See how excited I am. I used the twice in the same sentence.

Katie said...

LOL Aimee! For a sec I saw "Aimee" and thought Fredy, and then it clicked. I'M SO EXCITED TOO OMG BUT I HEARD IT IS LIKE A CLIFFHANGER MORE THAN THE OTHERS AND I CAN'T HANDLE THAT AIIIEEEEE!!! It better come soon! Are you buying one?