Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bachelorette

For Kristin's bachelorette party we had a girls night out--we started at Andra's house drinking margaritas with penis straws and eating bagel bites before we played any games. The games were: molding play-doh into the most realistic penis (Liz won), "Pin the Junk on the Hunk" (sexy poster guy with the groom Kenny's face pasted on), and the card game spoons played with pornographic cards. Then we ate a delicious lasagna and garlic bread and salad dinner, and cut into the two penis cakes, before we went upstairs to get beautified. 

Ta-daaa! Red lipstick and gloss, "Bachelorette party: Enter at your own risk" caution tape as sashes, penis stickers with hooker names (I'm Ginger) and four inch heels. Kristin is wearing the "Bride to be . . ." t-shirt and a crown. 

We drove to Barcode (the 107.9 radio station club) in Sacramento. On the way, we stopped at 7-11 and trooped inside for some drinks, and got a LOT of stares and a "I wish I had my camera" comment. 

If you go to a club, pretend it is your birthday or Bachelorette party, because we got in after waiting through about 1/3 of the very long line. A guy came up and was like "Come with me" and Andra was like "Are you serious?" And he was like "Yeah, I work here." And then we got in! 

We danced from like 11-1:30am and had a lot of fun. I love Anna for trading me shoes sometimes, and saving my feet from my evil heels. I had also forgotten how grabby guys got at clubs (Shut up, it's been a while). We got back to Andra's and then I drove home with my penis whistle souvenir and caught about 4 hours sleep before getting up to go to work. Fun! 

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