Monday, September 14, 2009

I Lurve It!

I am way too ridiculously excited about the changes I just made to my blog. A picture in my header (which took a while to figure out how to format), pictures in my sidebar . . . and NEW COLORS for my borders and blog title.

I've just been so bored with my blog, and too grumpy to write anything other than: (Ready? Here goes! Something new for you!) "Whine. Whine. Blah. Ahem. Whinewhinitywhinewhine." My blog explanation is "Laughing at life" and yet all I am doing is feeling sorry for myself.

So, obviously, my blog needed a makeover! (I do, too, but we will ignore that for now in favor of keeping the 70 dollars in my pocket instead of for my haircut).

To prove my upcoming hilarity, I give you "Katie Looking Ridiculous".

Here my cousin Jessie and I are at the Buchart Gardens, with big droopy flowers on our heads.

THIS is quite possibly my favorite picture of my uncle Scott. Also at Buchart Gardens. We had a mission: to try on a tea cozy like a hat. He completed his mission.

As you can see, I also did not fail the mission. (That's Aunt Lesley laughing hysterically at us).

And here I am, covered in flour, at my friend Jess's birthday five years ago. We baked a cake, baked a pizza, listened to loud music and for some weird, random, unknown reason, thought it would be funny to put flour all over our faces and take pictures. I won't show Kyla and Jessie's photo's . . .yet.

Jeez, I hope I even remember how to be funny. This is kind of pathetic.

PS Troy you must drop me a comment telling me about the awesomeness of my awesome blog's awesome new awesome stuff. Or. Else.


Troy said...

Do I hafta leave a comment?

But Katie! According to Aristotle, comedy is OTHER people's pain! Therefore your blog was fine the way it was!

But yes, as you said that was a superbly awesomely awesome blog post. Hooray for hilarity!

Troy said...

Oh Troy, how do I lurve you. Let me count the ways.

You listened to me! ;) You haven't listened to me in yeears!

Congrats on getting your braces off!

Lurve your big sis.