Saturday, April 30, 2011

To train rhymes with pain and yes, they are synonymous today

I don't even know if my title makes sense, I am so groggy from allergies and exhaustion that I'm not thinking straight.

Point the first: Nick and I biked 7 miles, walk/jogged another 4 or so with a coworker, and then biked 7 miles back. I was impressed because we have five minute biking miles now! But oh, how my calves were burning. And now I am typing this lying in bed with my knees and calves throbbing and my lower back aching. Lovely.

Point the second: Allergies: Kicking. My. Butt. The last few days, I have taken Sudafed and Benadryl and eye allergy drops to combat the itching and the sneezing and the runny nose and the congestion. Ugh.

Point the third: Race for the Cure 5k is next Saturday! We picked up our shirts and numbers and time chips today, and I'm getting very excited for it!

Point the fourth: the last few days I did not train at all. I kind of wish we had another month so I could work on speed instead of just getting to the point where 3 miles is possible!

Point the fifth: I'm reading marathon bloggers like a crazy addict. These people talk about 20 mile runs like it is nothing, man, and I am just in awe. AWE.



Andra said...

OMG don't die!!! You haven't updated your bikini body challenge recently! Either way, we are going to be sexy in Kauai! :)

Katie said...

Which I totally need to start updating for our trip, and talk more about our trip! Cuz we're going to KAUAI!!! AIEEEE!!! :D

Lisa S. said...

And you're awesome and cute and now you are muscley girls, too! Woohoo :) Look out Kauai.....