Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flowers for my Patio

Today my parents came down and we went flower shopping! We started and ending at Home Depot, and in the middle went to a lovely family-owned flower nursery, where we bought nearly all the flowers. At Home Depot we bought pots and potting soil.

The tricky part was finding beautiful plants that will thrive in shade, because our patio is mostly shaded. We totally succeeded.

Here is my $5 hanging pot that we planted with a red and purple fuschia in the center, surrounding it with red begonias and white alyssum. It will look so beautiful when they are all blooming!

Here is some clivia, in a Home Depot Malaysian pot. I LOVE the colors and the thick leaves! There are a few sweet basil plants surrounding it, and an alyssum.

Here is the clivia close up!

This is a type of lantern flower that will grow 4-12 feet! (If it survives my not-so-green thumb!)

A close up of the lantern flower!

Aren't they beautiful? I can't wait to see them all when they've settled in!


Gary Symington said...

Those are really good snapshots! (An archaic term now, I suppose?) Anyway, were they taken on Nick's or your camera?

Good job!


Lisa S. said...

Your patio makes me smile. I hope the plants stay alive for a while :)