Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Itchy Oh God Oh God

I have never in my life before been this ridiculously itchy and I don't know why I am but I just can't stop itching it started yesterday on my back before I went swimming and it spread and agh it wouldn't stop and then it did and this this morning I woke up and my back started to itch and I spent ten minutes scratching and showed mom and she said my back was red all over and looked like I had hives and went upstairs to get Benadryl still itching and came down then it stopped.

Then I took a Benadryl anyways just to be sure and ten minutes later my leg started itching and it still is and oh god this is ridiculous but it is an insane itch and you MUST SCRATCH IT OR THERE WILL BE DOOM.

Update: Those warning labels on Benadryl that say they cause drowsiness aren't kidding. I fell asleep around noon and am still tired. Soooo sleepyzzzzzzz.

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