Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belated Post:: Happy Father's Day!!!

Hi Dad!

Lots of love and Happy Father's Day thoughts to you! I had fun at the Rivercats baseball game where you explained what in tarnation was going on. (Our whole family plus Nick went down to sit in the hot sun and drink lemonade and beer and eat super huge hot dogs and fish tacos and tostadas and burritos, mmm!) It was a lot of fun even though the Rivercats lost, and I'll see you at the game next year! I love you lots and lots, and even though I can't make you brownies for Daddy's Day like usual because of your high blood sugar, just pretend I did. ^_^




Gary Symington said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment! Thanks for the thoughts- you are super. Proud to be your Dad.

Now about that mess on the kitchen table... (just kidding!)

Katie said...

thanks daddy!

. . . it's totally ALL troy's. mwahaha. ;)