Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In case you were curious

. . . Lexapro tastes like shiznit. I took it tonight (it's my anti-anxiety pill) and took a second too long in between popping the pill and swallowing some water, and GAH! EW! YUCK! Horrible faces, etc. etc.

My solution to all of you lovely people out there; avoid getting so stressed that you cause yourself to need anxiety medication because at some point you will taste it and it is GROSS.

My solution to the producers of Lexapro is two words: CANDY. COATING. (Seriously. Advil makes deeelicious pain relief that I always suck on for an extra few seconds because mmm, it tastes like Skittles. Producers of Lexapro, I am already paying an arm and a leg for your white powdery magic pills, can't you make them taste better?

(See the type of things I get upset over? Is it any wonder that I am on anxiety meds?)


Aimee Hutchison said...

"White Powdery Magic Pills" Hmmm- you sound like you just got back from the 70's.

Katie said...

LOL Aimee, cute. I would say something about how I never existed in the seventies UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE but that would be mean, and and incorrect since you didn't exist in the seventies either! ;)