Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cruising from China to Alaska

On May 26th, my parents flew off to Beijing, China for three days before beginning a 23 day long cruise that stopped by many places in Japan, Korea, Russia, and Alaska before stopping in Vancouver and then flying home. I like to think that they boarded the plane throwing many a fearful glance back over their shoulder, wondering if their three children (all of us adults) would keep the house standing. They probably ran onto that plane thinking something along the lines of, "Yes! No bills! No work! No yelling at kids to clean up their damn messes! A month of new cultures and cuisine and people!" In reality it was probably a mix of those two plus some missing us.

Though really, if you were standing on the Great Wall of China, would you waste time wishing your lazy kids were there?! (Spoiler: they totally did.)

This is the entrance to the Summer Palace outside Beijing, China. The emperor and empress would come here in the summer to escape the heat. I wish I had a summer house like this.

Mom and Dad on the Qingtao pier in China.

How awesome is this decorative flower statue . . . thing? They paid the equivalent of $3 to enter Laodong Park and walk around. Probably only the red flowers are real and the yellow and pink are silk. This is in Dalian, China.

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