Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Horror is . . .

. . . being trapped in a car halfway through running errands with two dogs when one of them releases their anal glands.

I? Am currently scrubbing the shit out of my car, spraying it with the strongest cleaner we possess, and scrubbing it again.

Also I? Am never taking the damn dogs in my car again. There goes my sympathy for them never leaving the house. Their new nicknames are Stinky Butts.


The Fredy Family said...

HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!! Victor got nailed with anal glands last nigt!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Totally just started choking on my own spit from laughing at that. Dogs are SO GROSS. And I just couldn't believe it. Kali has issues and normally releases them randomly like once a week or so and she hadn't for a while, so when she did it in my car it was like she'd been saving it up. I drove with my head out the window and finished my errands as quick as I could--and I left my doors open for hours when I came home.